IP CCTV over Coax

Nowadays, analog CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) surveillance systems are being migrated to IP (Internet Protocol) based digital CCTV surveillance systems to take all the advantages which the IP video networking technology can offer such as high video quality, long transmission distance, and flexibility in operating and maintaining the digital video transmission network. 

However, one major "obstacle" that still prevents many people from doing so is that an IP CCTV surveillance system usually runs over twisted-pair based cables such as Cat5e network cables instead of coax cables, new cabling is not only expensive in labor and material costs but also may cause interruptions of the existing security surveillance tasks.    

A variety of Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) or IP-over-Coax products have been developed to overcome the "obstacle" by enabling transmission of Ethernet signals over a coax cable and therefore the existing coax cables of an old analog CCTV surveillance system can be reused for a new IP CCTV surveillance system. The cost savings achieved by an Ethernet-over-Coax solution is therefore very significant.  

PAIRTEK has developed and achieved successfully a unique and patented Ethernet-over-Coax technology which enables transmission of both Ethernet data and PoE power over a coax cable. Compared to other EoC products and solutions on the market, the EoC products based on PAIRTEK patented technology shows or will show their unique and "unfair" competitiveness and  advantages in terms of low cost, high reliability and small product sizes.

Based on the PAIRTEK patented EoC technology, PAIRTEK's DECA-200 PoE-over-Coax Adapter Kit is the first of its kind now available for purchase which is recommended for use in an IP CCTV surveillance system with PoE powered IP video cameras. 

For Non-PoE powered IP video cameras, PAIRTEK's DECA-100 Ethernet-over-Coax Adapter Kit can be used. 

More EoC products based on PAIRTEK patented EoC technology will be developed. So stay tuned.