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Ethernet PoE-over-Coax Adapter Kit

World's smallest Ethernet PoE-over-Coax adapter kit. US Patent granted. 

Price: $69.98 per kit

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Good small adapter. It worked. I love the fact that it is small form factor and POE. No additional power adapter is needed, just plug in the Cat 5/6 cable from the POE switch.

Five Stars. We found these to be quite robust.

Currently using this to power a Ubiquiti G3 Dome camera. 

Etherenet-over-Coax SOLUTIONS

IP CCTV over Coax

Ethernet-over-Coax or IP over Coax technology provides a very cost-effective solution for migrating an analog video surveillance system to an Internet-Protocol or IP based  digital video system.

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Home Network over Coax

Pairtek Ethernet-over-Coax products can be used to create a wired home network over the coax cabling in a house with true 100Mbps speed and reliable coverage much superior to Wi-Fi.